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The 5 Best Free Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress 2019

Do you know about Google Analytics, and if you know it then knows how much?

You may find it like a simple question. Because Google Analytics is a very competent aspect of any kind of website. Which holds an important part in your business growth.

Of course, you probably know everything about layout, design, content, menubar, pages, posts on your website. But here we are talking about the performance of your website.

However, it’s hard to figure out what’s happening right now on your website. If you really want to know whether your website is working entirely or not.

That’s why we have used Google Analytics for this. Which helps to tell the current status of your website. To know all this we have shown some main points here too. And, which will help you understand.

  • How much traffic is coming to your website?
  • Where are these people coming from?
  • How much time is it going on your site?
  • What is the display content you have?
  • How many pages are people viewing?
  • Which page is not performing well?
  • Are people coming to your website but it is not working?
  • And much more?

Above all, The given questions is a very important part of Google Analytics. From which we may be able to find out that our website is really growing, That’s why we have discovered 5 best free WordPress plugins to add Google Analytics to your website.

1. MonsterInsights

Monster Insights Google Analytics Plugin

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress websites. With over 2 million active installs, We believe that when people come looking for your website then they also use it. So this plugin helps you to locate the traffic. Whereas MonsterInsights shows you statistics how much traffic is coming to your website. You can check the states by month and by day. Not only this, it will show you where traffic is coming from your website. So that you can grow your business with confidence.

Let us tell you that the free version of the MonsterInsights is completely useful for the blog websites to check traffic. Rather, I would say that you should link your website to MonsterInsights. So that you have a better experience in doing business.

Main Features
  • Google Analytics Dashboard + Real Time Stats
  • Quick & Easy Google Analytics Setup
  • Easy & Accessible for Everyone
  • Amazing Google Analytics Dashboard Reports
  • Custom Dimensions Report & Audience Report
  • Easy to Enhanced eCommerce Tracking
  • WooCommerce Google Analytics integration
  • Author Tracking & Post Type Tracking
  • Google Analytics + GDPR Compliance
  • Google Adsense Tracking
  • Affiliate Link Tracking
  • SEO Score Tracking

2. Jetpack

Jetpack Plugin

Jetpack is a powerful essential plugin for WordPress. This is the most popular and widely used plugin on, and so far 5 million active ones have been installed. While talking about security, performance and website management, this plugin is completely trustworthy with all of them. And it can be used easily according to need.

This plugin works not only for Google Analytics, Rather it is a bundle of core features. Which provides you many types of features. Jetpack now includes many of the most popular features like site statistics, a high-speed CDN for images, downtime monitoring, related blog posts, automatic sharing on social networks, sidebar optimization and many more.

It’s a popular plugin, but in addition to connecting the Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress website, it also lets you show traffic reports on the WordPress Dashboard. If you really want to know whether traffic to your website is coming or not, then you should use this plugin properly. No coding skills are required.

Main Features
  • Advanced Site Stats and Analytics
  • Intuitive and Powerful Customization
  • Brute-force Attack Protection
  • Automatic Sharing On Social Networks
  • Downtime Monitoring
  • Sidebar Optimization

3. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Google Analytics Dashboard For WP

This is also another wonderful google analytics plugin for WordPress Websites. This Google Analytics lets you track your website’s traffic after using the latest Google Analytics tracking code. And yet, It will allow you to see major Google Analytics stats in your WordPress dashboard.

In addition to the general Google Analytics statistics, In-Page reports, and In-Depth Post Reports allow you to split your site analytics data. Which shows the performance details for each post and page on your website. Furthermore, you can also control this. By setting permissions on the basis of users’ roles, any specific people can view Google Analytics reports.

Main Features
  • Universal Google Analytics Tracking Code
  • Global Site Tag Tracking Code
  • E-Commerce Support for Google Analytics
  • Exclude User Roles from Tracking
  • Enhanced Link Attribution
  • Scrolling Depth Tracking
  • Custom Dimensions Tracking
  • File Downloads Tracking
  • Affiliate Links Tracking

4. Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin for WooCommerce

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics Plugin

Enhanced Ecommerce Google Analytics is a free WordPress plugin created by Tatvic. It is a build for WooCommerce stores and online shopping websites. And it has completed 30k active install so far. Similarly, It also gives you the convenience of using Google Analytics newly launched features and enhanced modern e-commerce. Therefore, You can get consent from product ideas to track user behavior at your e-commerce store. All the solution to the thank you pages.

We have an advanced Google Analytics plugin for the WooCommerce platform, which includes 9 reports of Enhanced Ecommerce, such as User ID Tracking, Product Return, IP, AdWords Conversion Tracking, Facebook Pixel Tracking, 10+ Custom Dimensions, and much more.

Main Features
  • Shopping Behaviour Report
  • Checkout Behaviour Report
  • Product Performance Report
  • Sales Performance Report
  • Supports Guest Checkout Functionality
  • Google Analytics Opt-Out
  • Enable Enhanced E-commerce for Your Profile/View
  • Add Enhanced E-commerce Tracking Code
  • User ID Tracking
  • Product Refund
  • I.P. Anonymization
  • Adwords Conversion Tracking
  • Facebook Pixel Tracking
  • Captures Product Impressions, Add to Cart & Product Clicks Events on the Category Page, Product Page, Featured Product Section, Related Product Section

5. Analytify

Analytify Google Analytics Plugin

Analytify also helps to eliminate the need for manually adding Google Analytics tracking code to your WordPress website. Whereas, you can only prove to install a plugin and add a code automatically to just one click. Google Analytics is a simple way everywhere in WordPress post, page, and custom post type.

It will help in SEO optimization and allows you to see traffic data for individual blog posts and pages. It can be adapted to easy adjustment with CSS. That is why you can use it in any custom shape as you wish. It presents the statistics from Google Analytics in front of the blog post, backend and WordPress posts/pages in your dashboard in a special way.

Main Features
  • Mobile Device Statistics
  • Statistics Per Posts/Pages
  • Real-Time Stats of Your Site
  • One-Click Authentication Process
  • Browser & Compaign Stats
  • Social Media Statistics
  • Helps in SEO Optimization
  • Easy to Customizable With CSS
  • General Statistics (Sessions, Users, Bounce rate, Page Views, New/Returning Visitors, Average Time on Site)

In Conclusion

In other words, We have searched 5 best free WordPress plugins for you. Which will help you link your site to Google Analytics? And we can say with the claim that with the help of these plugins you will be able to track traffic to your website. This will show you all the information about the page view, post view, website view on your WordPress dashboard after installing any one plugin.


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